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Welcome to The Evans Marijuana Criminal Defense Law Firm near Aurora, CO. Attorney Michael D. Evans is a proven medical marijuana criminal defense lawyer who has fearlessly represented rights and liberties of thousands of individuals facing criminal charges in Colorado, including Aurora, CO. The firm uses a proven approach to handling marijuana criminal cases which achieves better results and happier clients.

Read for yourself what our clients have to say about our medical marijuana criminal defense representation. Some lawyers want to tell you how good they are...but our clients do it for us.

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We have five (5) offices in the Denver-metro area, and maps, directions, and other contact information can be found here.

Read more about The Evans Firm, some of our cases featured in the news, or about attorney Michael D. Evans. When you are ready to hire a hard working marijuana criminal defense lawyer in Aurora, CO, who fights and defends liberty fearlessly, contact The Evans Marijuana Criminal Defense Law Firm in Aurora, CO at (303) 221-3634 or [email protected].

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The Evans Marijuana Criminal Defense Law Firm

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Most felony and misdemeanor cases in Aurora, CO are prosecuted in the Arapahoe County Justice Center located at 7325 S. Potomac Street, Centennial CO 80112. Minor traffic and municipal cases are prosecuted at the Aurora Municipal Courthouse located at 14999 E Alameda Pkwy., Aurora, CO 80012. A small amount of cases that occur in Adams County may be prosecuted at the Adams County Justice Center located at 1100 Judicial Center Dr. Brighton CO 80601.


We do not push our clients to accept a plea bargains. We use a unique trial-centered approach, instead of a plea-bargain approach common to most firms. Using a trial-centered approach enables us to achieve better results by thoroughly investigating your case, researching the law, and preparing witnesses and exhibits so that we can accurately analyze your case and advise you on the best legal solution(s) to achieve your goals. Many other law firms do very little work on your case, hoping you will take a plea bargain. While this may end up appearing "cheaper" to the client, unfortunately they can't accurately analyze your case's strengths and weaknesses, provide good advice, appreciate risk, or correctly value the possible results. Even worse, their minimal case preparation miss large problems, many times after it is too late. Although many cases do eventually eventually result in a plea bargain, they can and should only do so for the right result - not whatever the lawyer "scares" you into. At The Evans Marijuana Criminal Defense Law Firm, we have substantial experience fighting cases in the courtroom, not from behind a desk. You can rest assured that we can get the job done at trial, if necessary, with the skill and craftsmanship needed to effectively convey your message to the jury. We became lawyers to try cases...not to push paper. If you are going to hire a lawyer, shouldn't you hire one that is able to take your case from beginning to end and not get cold feet and force you to take a plea bargain?

We spend quality time with our clients listening to their story, investigating the merits of their case, and explaining the both risks and benefits of trial. We even provide free online resources on criminal law topics such as editorials, a blog, and a large assortment of online videos that focus on criminal defense, DUID, drug crime, and medical marijuana law. There is even a section dealing with your rights to bail and bond. When our clients understand the issues better, then they make better decisions.

As marijuana criminal defense lawyers, we rely on our 1) practical knowledge of the criminal law; 2) thorough investigation; 3) ability to negotiate; and most importantly 4) solid courtroom & jury experience to achieve positive results for our clients, whether that is avoiding prison, reducing the charges or penalties, or obtaining a "Not Guilty" verdict.  You want a criminal lawyer to do everything to protect your constitutional rights, make important legal arguments, and file all the proper documents.

Here at The Evans Marijuana Criminal Defense Law Firm in Aurora, CO, we have the skill, knowledge, and experience to help you through the overwhelming world of the criminal justice system. To us, you are a person with a life that is threatened, and not “just another client.” Our goal is to aggressively defend your life, and to guide you through the maze of courtrooms, police reports, prosecutors and judges that is an unavoidable consequence of being accused of a crime. We work under the following principals: 1) You are innocent; 2) You want your lawyer to do everything to protect you as much as possible; 3) and if we cannot secure a dismissal of your case, that we will go to trial to defend you and your life.