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Do children who break the law ever go to jail?

What do I look for in hiring an attorney for a juvenile case?

Am I entitled to bail out of a juvenile detention center as an adult can bail out of jail?

Do the charges have to be proven true beyond a reasonable doubt in a Colorado juvenile case?

Can I be put on probation, required to do public service, and not get locked up for a juvenile crime

Can juveniles be sent to jail for life?

What if the incident occurred when I was a minor but I am now an adult and have just been arrested?

If the police stop me, a juvenile, can they search my belongings and me?

Do I have a right to a jury trial as a juvenile?

What are juvenile diversion and mediation programs?

What courts have jurisdiction over juvenile cases in Colorado?

Am I allowed to refuse to talk to the police, as a juvenile, unless I have an attorney present?

Am I entitled to have my parents present before I am questioned by the police?

Can my child be tried as an adult?

Am I entitled to have Miranda rights read to me before I am questioned as a juvenile?

How do I find a attorney who specializes in handling juvenile cases?

What can happen to a juvenile when they are found guilty?

How does juvenile court differ from adult court?

Does my child need to have an attorney?