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Will my drug dealing case be heard in regular criminal court or are there special drug courts?

Am I subject to asset forfeiture in drug possession or drug dealing cases?

Drugs were found in my car, but they are not mine. I was arrested. Do I need an attorney?

Do police have to follow any particular rules in arresting me and searching for drugs?

What counts as evidence for intent to distribute drugs in Colorado?

I was told that if I do not hire a lawyer, one will be provided. What is the difference?

I was arrested for possession of drugs. What happens next?

Is possession of drugs a felony offense?

Is there such a crime as conspiracy with intent to distribute drugs?

Does it matter where I was arrested, like near a school, in determining how I am charged?

What is a controlled substance?

Is refusing to let the police search me an admission of guilt?

Should I hire a drug or narcotics attorney?