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The decision to hire a homeowner's association (HOA) or condo association lawyer in Colorado is an important one; it can mean the difference between communal peace and respect, and outright neighborhood war and litigation. So how do you decide who is the right choice for your case?

Good HOA and condo association lawyer like attorney Michael D. Evans take the time to listen and understand the neighborhood dynamics associated with your problems. They find creative and insightful ways to achieve long-lasting, mutually acceptable results. The goal should always be to help you decide what is in the best interests of you and your community. Mr. Evans has a proven track record and has handled thousands of cases. He has been featured nationally in publications and media including The New York Times, TIME, CBS News, NPR, NBC News, The ABA Journal, The Denver Post, Westword, The National Law Review, and many others, and knows how to get the best results possible - which has resulted in having many pleased clients with an A+ rating with the BBB, a 10/10 AVVO rating, ranked in the Top 40 Under 40 Criminal Defense Attorneys, and the 2015 Client's Choice Award.

We will never advocate a cookie-cutter approach as a resolution to your problems. The Evans Firm does everything based on three simple guiding principles:

  • Respect for the rights of owners, their neighbors, and the association.
  • Compassionate, caring approach to dealing with disputes.
  • Dedication to finding legal solutions that will last.

We take careful approaches to mediating resolutions, but we are not afraid to litigate and collect. Connnect with our team and explore your options!

Dispute Resolution

HOA's tend to be natural breeding grounds for disputes and disagreements. We focus much of our practice on representing home owners, HOAs, and condo associations in these disputes. What makes us different is that we fight for the fair and amicable solutions that are not only within the boundaries and spirit of the law, but which also last long after the disagreement has been resolved. By taking the extra time to understand both sides of the dispute, we can help you ensure your issues are resolved more effectively.

Compliance & Education

In many cases, problems in HOA's and condominium associations stem from a lack of knowledge of rules or law. Owners and board members alike may be experiencing distress or encountering disputes because of compliance and education issues. We make a point to spend quality time with our clients in order to help them understand the rules and laws that affect their situation, so they may be more informed about their options and make the best possible decisions. See our HOA law blog for helpful articles.

HOA Law Litigation

Sometimes, litigation is the only way to effectively settle a legal matter and quash a dispute. At The Evans Firm, we have handled more than 58 jury trials, from simple matters to complex arguments of law. We know that litigation runs the risk of creating disharmony in a community—that is why we explore every option as we move forward in your case. Don’t settle for someone who pushes you into a litigation case; work with a HOA law team in Centennial that puts your best interests first!

HOA law in Colorado is broken down into 4 main parts (generally):

We Remain Focused on Your Best Interests

Some HOA lawyers operate like a machine with one resolution in mind: foreclose and collect. However, solutions like these often result in large investments of your funds and your time, ultimately causing a rift between association owners. At The Evans Firm, we don’t settle for the quick fix — we focus on achieving the legal resolution that protects your best interests and provides a long-lasting solution.

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