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Welcome to The Evans HOA Law Firm in Denver, CO. Attorney Michael D. Evans is a proven trial lawyer who has fearlessly represented the rights of both HOA owners and Homeowner & Condominium Associations in Colorado, including Denver, CO. The firm strives to find creative legal solutions to problems to achieve better results and happier clients.

Read for yourself what our clients have to say about our HOA and owner representation. Some lawyers want to tell you how good they are...but our clients do it for us.

We are members of several professional organizations, including The Evans HOA Law Firm in Denver, CO is a member of the BBB

We have five (5) offices in the Denver-metro area, and maps, directions, and other contact information can be found here.

Read more about The Evans Law Firm, some of our cases featured in the news, or about attorney Michael D. Evans. When you are ready to hire an HOA lawyer in Denver, CO, who finds legal solutions, contact The Evans HOA Law Firm in Denver, CO at (303) 221-3634 or [email protected].

Attorney Michael Evans helped an HOA client and her daughter with their HOA

Photo: Attorney Michael D. Evans with a client and her daughter after helping them resolve a sewage damage case against their HOA

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HOA civil litigation cases in Denver, CO are filed in the City and County Building located at 1437 Bannock Street, Denver, CO 80202.

The Evans HOA Law Firm represents both HOA owners and HOA Board of Directors in Denver, CO.  We do everything based on three simple guiding principles: 1) Respect for the rights of owners, their neighbors, and the association; 2) A compassionate, caring approach to dealing with disputes; and 3) A dedication to finding legal solutions that will last in HOA communities.

Good homeowner's association (HOA) or condo association lawyers in Colorado take the time to listen and understand the neighborhood dynamics associated with your problems. Then we find creative and insightful ways within Colorado HOA law to achieve long lasting, mutually acceptable results.

Our goal is always to help you understand and decide what is in the best interests of you and your HOA community. We have written legal editorials on HOA legal issues and also have a blog.


• Interpretation of association bylaws and rules

• Disputes regarding common areas and problems with property

• Environmental and safety concerns

• Noise and nuisance concerns

• Property management concerns

• Litigation involving associations or other homeowners

• Payment of charges or association dues


• Interpretation of association bylaws and rules

• Writing and revising covenants and bylaws for condominiums, HOAs and other associations

• Advising associations on risk management planning and liability

• Guidance on financing and financial issues

• Litigation involving homeowners (fines, dues, covenant enforcement)

• Help with property management

• Disputes regarding common areas and problems with property

• Environmental and safety concerns

• Noise and nuisance concerns

Our office serving the LoDo (Denver), CO area is located near the intersection of 15th and Wynkoop next to "La Fogata" restaurant. Parking lot under building. For a map or driving directions in Google Maps, click here.

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 371896, Denver, Colorado 80237