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Homeowners are an important part of the association community. Since homeowners are almost always required to join a HOA and contribute to the community’s dues, they play a huge part in the upkeep and functionality of an association. They also have a right to vote on the association’s affairs, giving them a direct voice and opinion regarding matters of their community. Here are the most important statutes for homeowners regarding HOA's.

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As an owner of a home or condo, you have rights and protections. The problem that many home owners face is that they aren’t aware of all of the rules and regulations established by an association. These issues can become serious hurdles when trying take certain actions or steps. Whether you have disputes that need to be settled or environmental concerns, you should feel protected while at home. That is why Centennial HOA attorney Michael D. Evans at The Evans Firm is here to stand up for your rights.

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If your rights are being impended on and you are in need of legal counsel, our seasoned lawyer is ready to help. We offer representation for a comprehensive range of legal matters. From the start to end of every case, our dedication to our clients shines through. Our attorney has helped thousands of clients in Colorado and can apply his talent and passion to your case.

We offer counsel and guidance for:

  • Interpretation of association bylaws and rules
  • Disputes regarding common areas and problems with property
  • Environmental and safety concerns
  • Noise and nuisance concerns
  • Property management concerns
  • Litigation involving associations or other homeowners
  • Payment of charges or association dues

If you are concerned about your comfort or safety, The Evans Firm can help protect your rights and best interests during this time. We encourage you to contact us and discuss whatever issue you are going through at the moment. If you choose to work with our firm, we will put together a strong course of action and pursue a favorable outcome for your concerns.

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