Traffic ticket and Speeding in Centennial, CO

Speeding ticket and traffic cases that necessitate an attorney’s involvement to litigate or handle a trial usually has to be pretty serious due to cost ($750 - $2,500 in legal fees). Many people don’t realize that cost, so we always bring this issue up first. (Yes, there are attorneys that charge less but you will be disappointed with the lack of time and work they spend on your case).

The traffic cases that our firm is brought in on typically has one of the following conditions: 1) client is about to max out their points on DMV record and faces license suspension / revocation; 2) client is charged with an offense that involves possibility of jail (careless, reckless, DUI, DWAI, DUID, vehicular assault, leaving the scene, no insurance); 3) client has a CDL and needs to preserve clean driving history.

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