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Drug possession is one of the most common criminal offenses in Centennial, Colorado and throughout the nation. According to statistics provided by the Federal Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1 in 8 prisoners in the United States who are serving sentences for drug crimes are there because they were caught in possession of illegal drugs. This translates to more than $1 billion in incarceration costs billed to the American taxpayer. These prisoners are behind bars not because they have attacked other people or because they stole anything. Instead, they are serving time after being caught committing a victimless crime. Whether they are addicts or recreational drug users, they are being punished for a crime that caused no harm to anyone else.

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How Can The Evans Law Firm Help With Drug Possession Defense?

If you have been arrested and charged with drug possession, come to us for help. The Evans Firm has taken over 58 cases to jury trial and is ready to take immediate action on your case. There are several different strategies for fighting drug possession charges, no matter how incriminating the evidence may be. For example, we may be able to make it difficult for the prosecutor to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you knew that the drugs were on your person or in your vehicle, or even that the drugs belonged to you. The other 3 common defenses to drug possession include:

  1. Lack of probable cause for a search
  2. Searching without a warrant
  3. Unreasonable search and seizure

All of these defenses can result in us having the evidence suppressed on the grounds that it was obtained in violation of your Fourth Amendment right. Let us review the case and determine what course of action will be most effective in defending you against the charges.

Possible Sentence for Drug Possession

The penalty that you can face if convicted for illegal possession of drugs depends on several factors. To begin with, the specific type of drug is important, since each of the different drugs is categorized into one of the several schedules of controlled substances under state law. More addictive and potentially dangerous drugs carry tougher sentences than less tightly regulated ones. Furthermore, the quantity of drugs is an important factor. If you were caught with only enough of the drug for your own personal use, you will likely be charged with a misdemeanor simple possession offense, whereas larger quantities will normally lead to charges of possession with intent to distribute, which is a felony offense. In 2013 the Colorado State Legislature changed all of the drug laws and penalties. To learn more about the penalties you face and to get started on a strategy for your defense contact us now for a free case evaluation.

Need a Colorado attorney to defend against your drug possession charges?

We fight aggressively against your charges by pursuing experienced legal representation. Our firm has years of experience under our belt and we have taken on immeasurable drug possession cases. Being familiar with the laws regarding drug possession can help us in building a solid defense on your behalf. Set up your consultation today so we can discuss the potential defenses for your unique possession case.

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