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Did you know that in Colorado, someone can be arrested if your BAC is .05 or higher? It’s not .08. Many people don’t realize that, and get into trouble (good, normal, everyday people). That’s only about 2 beers an hour for most people.

Driving under the influence, also known as drunk driving, is a criminal charge that carries serious penalties in Colorado (including jail) and permanent, life changing consequences. A DUI can also affect your driver's license and privileges, preventing you from getting to work, school, groceries, and other essential functions. Employers are able conduct background searches and find DUI convictions, which may negatively impact your ability to advance in your career. You need a good local criminal defense lawyer!

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We know that your available options in DUI defense counsel in Arapahoe County may seem endless, but if you have been charged with an alcohol or drug driving crime, then your reputation and future needs staunch and proven protection. No other criminal defense law firm in Colorado brings together solid courtroom experience with award winning client satisfaction to produce extraordinary results in DUI related cases!

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What is DUI (driving under the influence)?

Drunk driving does not simply mean driving a car after having consumed alcohol. It requires several additional factors to make it a criminal offense, such as evidence that you were unable to control the vehicle (bad driving, weaving, accident), or chemical tests that indicate your level of intoxication or impairment were very high. See our page on Express Consent law. The typical threshold for blood alcohol content or BAC on a DUI charge is 0.08. which must be proven at the time of driving and tested within two hours after driving. Understanding the law on DUI and other driving infractions involving alcohol or drugs is a critical factor in how your case will resolve. The Evans Firm is experienced and trained on defending all types of DUI cases at trial.

Driving under the influence is normally a misdemeanor, but it is a class 4 felony if the violation occurred after three or more prior convictions, arising out of separate charges for DUI, DUI per se, DWAI, vehicular homicide, vehicular assault, or any combination.

A person who drives a motor vehicle or vehicle when the person's BAC is 0.08 or more at the time of driving or within two hours after driving commits DUI per se. During a trial, if the state's evidence raises the issue, or if a defendant presents some credible evidence, that the defendant consumed alcohol between the time that the defendant stopped driving and the time that testing occurred, such issue shall be an affirmative defense, and the prosecution must establish beyond a reasonable doubt that the minimum 0.08 blood or breath alcohol content required in this paragraph (a) was reached as a result of alcohol consumed by the defendant before the defendant stopped driving. DUI per se is a misdemeanor,but it is a class 4 felony if the violation occurred after three or more prior convictions, arising out of separate and distinct criminal episodes, for DUI, DUI per se, or DWAI; vehicular homicide, as described in section 18-3-106 (1) (b), C.R.S.; vehicular assault, as described in section 18-3-205 (1) (b), C.R.S.; or any combination thereof.

DUI Charges v. Driver's License Revocation

DUI cases are all divided into 2 parts: 1) criminal; and 2) civil administrative. When you have a DUI case, you need to understand this relationship - and have an attorney who can handle both.

The criminal charge of DUI is handled by a county court to decided guilt or innocence on the act of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or a possible less serious charge driving while ability impaired. The criminal case will also carry a possible jail sentence, probation, and community service. The criminal charge of DUI cannot be sealed and are part of your permanent record if you are an adult. Therefore, how this criminal case resolves is important to you both in the short term and the long term.

The second part of a DUI is a civil administrative hearing (different from a criminal case) which is handled by the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV. The DMV has quasi-judicial authority to determine serious consequences of whether to take your license and impose points on your driving record. See our DMV hearing page.

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