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The decision to hire a marijuana defense lawyer in Colorado to defend a criminal prosecution is an important can mean the difference between "Guilty" and "Not Guilty", and prison or freedom. Its the most important decision you will ever make. So how do you decide?

First, stay away from marijuana defense lawyers who promise to get the case dismissed or "get you off". marijuana defense lawyers cannot guarantee results, ever. Second, stay away from marijuana defense lawyers who are too busy or not serious about really investigating your case, filing the appropriate legal documents, making important arguments in court, or listening to your concerns. Some marijuana defense lawyers never intend on doing any work on your case after you pay them a retainer and simply hope you take a plea bargain so they don't have to. This is a waste of your money - and defeats the purpose of having a lawyer. Finally, stay away from marijuana defense lawyers in Colorado who try to hard to convince you to take the first plea bargain that comes along. This is another lazy approach to marijuana representation.

The Evans Firm is different! We do everything based on the simple assumptions that 1) you are innocent; and 2) you want your lawyer to do everything to protect you as much as possible. We assume that when you hire us as your lawyer, you want us to fully investigate your case and understand all of the facts. We assume that you want us to file all the proper legal documents and make the important legal arguments in court to protect your rights. And finally, we assume that if your case is not dismissed, that he will go to trial to defend you and your life. Read more about how our law firm is different and achieves success.

We do not push our clients to accept a plea bargains. We spend quality time educating our clients on the criminal justice process, the risks and benefits of trial, and the possible outcomes of their case. We find that when our client's understand the judicial system and the facts of their case, they make better decisions. decisions. Please read what our client's have said about our firm. We are also a member of the Better Business Bureau with an "A+" rating.

Finally, while we can never guarantee the outcome, we rely on our 1) practical knowledge of the law; 2) thorough investigation; 3) ability to negotiate; and 4) solid courtroom & jury experience to achieve positive results for our clients, whether that is avoiding prison, reducing the charges or penalties, or obtaining a "Not Guilty" verdict. Please read what our client's have said about our firm. We are also a member of the Better Business Bureau with an "A+" rating. When you are ready to hire a hard working lawyer in Colorado, who fights and defends liberty fearlessly, call The Evans Firm at (303) 221-3634 .

The Evans Firm

The Evans Firm